About Jio KBC Head Office

Kaun Banega CarorPati is an Indian game television quiz show founded on the British Program “who wants to be a millionaire”? is organoclay aired on Star plus for the first three seasons from 2000 to 2007, and was custom-built by the programming squad of Sameer Nair. Since 2010, it has been exposed to Sony TV and produced by Big Synergy. This show has been ornamented with some new methodological and one between them is the buggy Camera.

KBC show Season’s Details:

• Season 1: 2000-01

• Season 2: 2005-6

• Season 3: 2007

• Season 4: 2010

• Season 5: 2011

• Season 6: 2012-13

• Season 7: 2013

• Season 8: 2014

• Season 9: 2017

• Season 10: 2018

• Season 11: 2019


KBC Procedure details for Participants:


Followers of the community who finished a qualification quiz are unlocked at the start of each season. Contestants would be sent a premium-rate SMS to a nominated number and answer a question by answering.

Fastest Finger First:

The selected contestants are then transported to the studio to play the fastest finger first, where they will be questioned to arrange four answers into the elected order in the shortest quantity of time.

Main gameplay:

After influential the fastest finger first, they would intersection the Hot seat with Legendary Host Amitabh Bachanto twitch answering a sequence of multiple-choice questions on their technique to win the cash prize as delineated in the table given by KBC management.

The purpose of the KBC show:

KBC is an amazing show which is providing the best entertainment and also assistance in ornamental information. Is also elasticities a chance to meet their favorite celebrities at the KBC platform. The KBC show is grounded on eagerness, excitement, optimism, and enjoyable, carrying every day with its new stories of dissimilar class, age, status or occupation.

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